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Our modern state of the art baking plant was designed and built specifically to produce the many delicious varieties of bread and roll bakery products our customers enjoy every day.

Inside you will find a staff of highly trained and skilled bakery professionals, who operate the large capacity mixing equipment, natural gas fired ovens, and modern cooling and packaging equipment, all while incorporating hand crafted attention to detail.

St. Armands Baking Co. is dedicated to a rigorous recurring training program for all employees focusing on global food safety standards (British Retail Consortium), and covering topics including HAACP, GMPs, and Occupational Health and Safety Standards, just to name a few. This dedication allows us to operate a clean, healthy, and safe facility.

In addition, our facility is subject to regular inspections from the top audit firms in the food industry offering our customers the added assurance that the products they purchase are produced using the very highest standards. Our scores consistently rank in the top percentiles reflecting our exceptional focus on quality.